We feel blessed and grateful...

My daughter has now been with you at Mengham Avenue for five months and I just felt I would like to write and tell you how very happy I and my family are with her placement.

When we were first first told there was a possible home on Hayling Island we were not enthusiastic as it was further from my home than I wanted her to be and there is no public transport to get me there and back in a day. However we thought we should at least have a look and thank goodness we did. Based on past experiences, I came to Mengham Avenue armed with a list of questions to which I wanted satisfactory answers. When we first walked in we immediately felt the happy, homely atmosphere you and your staff have created there and for all my queries, you had good procedures in place - safeguarding strategies, money management, maintaining contact with families to mention a few.  

On our way home our overwhelming feeling was that my daughter could be very happy with you. We were also very impressed with the way you managed her transition.  Her first impression was also very positive when we asked her is she would like to think about living in Mengham Avenue she said yes very definitely. She said she would like to do all the things the other residents did. You gave her plenty of opportunities to get to know you, the staff, and the other residents before she moved in and consequently she settled in quickly and happily.  

I really do believe she is happier with all of you than she has ever been in her life. I have enjoyed getting to know your staff and again am very impressed with their kindness and patience and the amount of effort you all put in to make the residents lives interesting and fulfilling with lots of fun on the way. I particularly like the way you obviously work as a team and the loyalty and respect your staff have for you. This is down to your excellent management skills. Fifteen years of experience of 7 managers while my daughter was living in a residential home have taught me this is not always the case and we, as a family, feel very blessed and grateful that our daughter is now living in a home where the challenges she presents are treated as just that and solutions are sought creatively.

In the last five months we have seen a very positive change for the better in her. She is much happier and more confident and talks with enthusiasm about what she has done and is going to do. All of this has relieved me and my family of a great deal of concern for her and her future. We cannot thank you and your staff enough for the great job you do and look forward to a long association with you all. 4th July 2014.