The Community Integrated Care Experience Volunteer Programme

Each year Community Integrated Care welcomes hundreds of volunteers who each, in their own unique way, make a huge contribution to our charity and the services we provide.  Volunteering really does offers you the opportunity to have an exciting, fun and rewarding experience, whilst making a difference to your local community too.

By joining the Community Integrated Care Experience Volunteer Programme you too can:-

  • Learn new skills
  • Meet new people
  • Share your skills and talents
  • Gain experience
  • Enhance your CV
  • Get training and development
  • Improve your confidence
  • Improve the lives of the people we support
  • Have fun!

CIC charity volunteer programme

You can find out more about our the Community Integrated Care Experience Volunteer Programme by reading our Volunteer Leaflet. Click on the image above to view it as an e-flyer or download it as a PDF. If you'd prefer to have a copy sent out to you in the post, just complete our Contact Form below.

The Community Integrated Care Volunteer Experiences

There are lots of ways you can put your skills to use at Community Integrated Care. To help you decide which volunteering opportunity is right for you, we have separated our volunteer roles into 4 different schemes:- Care & Support, Talents & Skills, Office Opportunities and Make & Mend. You can read more about these below.

But remember...we are always looking for new volunteers and are happy to work with you to create a bespoke role that is right for you. You can contact us by emailing

CIC charity volunteer work volunteering make and mend programme
Do you have a manual skill or trade which would benefit our services?
CIC charity volunteer work volunteering office opportunities programme
Get office experience with Community Integrated Care's support teams...
CIC charity volunteer work volunteering talents and skills programme
Do you have a talent or skill that you could use to enrich the Community Integrated Care community?...
CIC charity volunteer work volunteering care and support programme
Spend time in our services helping the people we support live full and happy lives...

Corporate Volunteering

CIC corporate employee volunteering deloitteDo your employees need a challenge?

Then the Community Integrated Care Volunteer programme could be the perfect solution!  Corporate or Employee Volunteering is a fun, interesting and worthy alternative to the traditional team building day, as well as being a great way for your company to demonstrate its CSR commitment. Or, why not consider making us your corporate charity or community partner?


    Case Studies

    • Meet volunteer driver, Ray...

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      Ray Brooke, 67, is a volunteer driver at Ferncliffe Road, a Community Integrated Care supported living service in Leeds. Ray tells us more about he found himself lending a much needed helping hand through volunteering

      “I’ve worked all my life as a warehouse man, driving all over the country. During those long days I’d looked forward to my retirement, but no sooner had it arrived, the novelty wore off! I hated having nothing to get up for in the mornings and soon found myself at a loose end. That’s when I started to think about what skills I could offer through volunteering.

      “Lynda, the Manager at Ferncliffe Road, has been a friend for many years and so she suggested that I use my experience and volunteer to drive their mini-bus. I thought it was a great idea and I now volunteer five days a week, taking the guys out to whatever activities they have on; whether it be a few hours at their day centre, an afternoon shopping or even horse-riding lessons!

      “Lots of people ask me why I’m not using my retirement to sit back and relax but that would leave me bored and restless. I love volunteering, it keeps me busy and I’ve made great friends with the staff at the service who all treat me like one of their team. I’ve got a lot of respect for what the support staff do;  it’s a hard job and if I can make it a little bit easier by freeing up some of their time helping out with driving, then I’m quite happy!”

    • Meet volunteer be-frienders, Beryl & Mary

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      Beryl Hamel and Mary Davies each volunteer two days a week at Amberleigh House, a specialist dementia care home in Fazakerley, Liverpool. Between them they have notched up almost twenty years of volunteering at the home...

      “My husband and Mary’s elderly friend were both cared for at Amberleigh House,” explains Beryl. “The way the staff here looked after our loved ones will stay with us forever and that’s why we both volunteer now, to try, in our own little way, to say thanks.”

      “We help with activities like bingo, reminiscence sessions and sing-a-longs,” says Mary. “Dementia can be a very sad illness, but our role means that we can make our residents lives happier.”

      And it’s not just the residents who Beryl and Mary help, residents’ families also benefit from their personal experiences. “We know how it feels to place a loved one in a home, so we are able to empathise with families, offering them support and reassurance,” says Beryl.

      Mary agrees, “I think it is important when you retire that you do something of real purpose and value. That is why it is such a pleasure volunteering at Amberleigh House, where our work is both valued and valuable.”

    • Meet Laura Wiltshire, volunteer Marketing Assistant...

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      Laura Wiltshire, 25, from Widnes, is a recent graduate of John Moore’s University, Liverpool, where she studied Media, Cultural Studies and Sociology. Laura spent several weeks working alongside CIC’s Marketing and Communications team to help her get that all important first step on the career ladder. She tells us more...

      “I enjoyed my degree course, but after I graduated, I was still unsure about what to do next. The media side of my degree was my real passion, but I had also enjoyed learning more about community care issues”, explains Laura. “Gaining a placement at CIC meant that I could pursue my passion for media and marketing, but in the social care sector,”

      “The marketing team encouraged me to get involved in some really exciting projects; I helped write and design an edition of You First magazine, wrote news stories for the website and also attended an awards conference to help promote CIC,” says Laura. “Having the opportunity to work in the marketing department of a big national organisation helped me decide that this was definitely where I wanted to take my career.”

      Laura believes that volunteering adds value to the CV of new graduates in this difficult job market. “Shortly after the placement, I got my dream job, working in marketing.  The practical experience I gained during my placement was a huge factor in helping me secure my new role, as I was able to show employers that I could put into practice what I learned on my degree.”

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