I am a friend and advocate to a resident at The Maples, Moreton, Wirral. I would ask that you pass on my appreciation to all the staff who are looking after him so well. I have known him for over 25 years and was a friend of his family. Before her death, his mother, made me promise that I would always look out for him. He left local authority care just a short while ago and was lucky to find a place in The Maples. In the time since I have visited him and observed the interaction with the staff, he is so relaxed and at home that I have to admit that I am totally amazed. Historically, I expected far more of a problem than has actually occurred.

In practical terms, he has achieved far more in personal goals than I would have dreamed of. The team tells me that he has ridden a train, something I tried to get him to do many years ago and failed. He has been out on quite a few occasions, and he has even been out for a meal, all things that I believe would just have been wishes but which your staff have all helped to achieve in such a short time. 

When I have visited I have watched the way staff interact with him and they all seem to have knack of understanding just what he wants and needs. The environment is certainly conducive in making him feel relaxed, for each time I visit it appears that he has lived there all his life.  What I really appreciate is that all the staff have pushed his limits and are trying things that will enhance his quality of life and I would just like to say to them all, thank you it is so appreciated, and that I am sure if he were able, he would say it himself. My final compliment to the staff is that I now feel more relaxed and positive about his future and I can step back a little and know that he will flourish with his now new friends and carers. 26th November 2013.

To all the staff on behalf of the family, please accept our grateful thanks for the kindness shown to Mum during her stay at Heartly Green - she could not have received better or more attentive care. Also, we really appreciate the help given to us and the good humour shown during our visit to see Mum and the sensitive way matters were handled after she passed away. Good luck and best wishes to you all. 13th November 2013.

Sincere thanks to everyone at Heartly Green for the excellent care given to my mother during her time with you, also for the kindness and compassion shown during her final days. To everyone at Heartly Green - what you do is not only special but also appreciated too. This comes with very warm thoughts to say thank you. 13th November 2013.

First of all, let me start by saying that I think Winsford Grange is a very special place! My father has been staying with you for some two and a half years.  I remember distinctly at the time, in a very emotional state, viewing many care homes, searching for that 'somewhere' that of course would never be 'home' but the next best thing! How happy I was when having found you that a room eventually became available.

The description 'staff' is not the word for the teams there - the girls and guys are wonderful!  I obviously have a special affection for them on the Chaucer Unit but indeed 'wonderful' is a term I use for them all as they flit from wing to wing, helping wherever possible, always, always with a smile!

I have the greatest admiration for them and will never, ever be able to express how much their care for my Dad means to our whole family! It is on their behalf that I felt I had to make contact. The homeliness and hygiene standards have always been very high and the 'sprucing up' certainly emphasises this. Their work is exceptionally hard, both physically and emotionally, and their levels of care have never waned with the constant upheaval over a very long period of time! Behind every successful care home are the conscientious staff! 6th November 2013. 

My father was in St Stephens for the past 6 months, sadly he passed away recently. During the whole time he spent at St Stephens there was never a time when any of us ever had reason to complain, your team there are simply outstanding.

The standards are impeccable and it was the best possible place my father could have been to spend his final few months. We could see when we visited that the other residents were extremely well cared for at all times a complete credit to your company. In his final hours your nurses were extremely comforting to my mother and were with us at the very sad moment of his passing, they are extremely kind people who clearly enjoy where they work and are definitely dedicated to your residents.

Every staff member we met was so caring and kept my father's spirits high in his final months - every single person at the home works tirelessly and are really great people. 7th November 2013.

Please give my thanks to the carers who attended me on my return from a stay in hospital. They all were kind, considerate and helpful. They were also very cheerful! 11th November 2013.

We just want to thank your carers for all the thoughtful care and support being offered to our mother. We are so grateful for everything you are doing to keep her safe and to earn her trust, we know this can't be easy. We would especially like to thank the team for staying overnight recently. 31st October 2013.

Absolutely marvellous. I couldn't have asked for any better care than what we received. 25th October 2013

I wish to thank every single member of the staff for the care and affection that was shown to our relative.  I am aware he was not always easy to deal with, yet he always said ' I like this place'.  It became his home, all the staff that took care of him and his family.  In his own way he was happy, especially this summer, as he has so many outings than he had since he moved here. I was very happy with him being in St. John’s as I found it had a very happy atmosphere, all the staff were friendly and he was well taken care of.

I am most grateful to all of the staff and am much indebted to each and every one of them. You have some very dedicated and caring members of staff and I feel very privileged to have come to know all of them and appreciate the very difficult task they conducted with patience and such loving demeanour. Thanks to one and all. 21st October 2013.

For a while I have wanted to thank you both and all the carers for the quality of care that you provide for my parents. Since your organisation has taken over mum and dad's care the quality of their lives has improved enormously. Mum and dad have developed some significant and trusting relationships with their carers.  In their own words 'they are part of our family'. 

Nothing seems to be too much trouble and your carers often go above and beyond the call of duty. My brother and I trust your care implicitly. Medication and personal care is dealt with properly, and mum is now smart and presentable. Importantly every week a member of your care team takes mum out. But, you take the trouble to take mum out to varied and interesting places: Liverpool Museum, Otterspool Prom, Bents Garden Centre - not just down the road - all important places to stimulate her mind and assist her with her Alzheimer’s.

Finally my brother and I have found peace of mind. You are well organised, prompt and extremely informative - working with both my brother and I to improve the quality of mum and dad's lives. Crucially and more importantly, you employ many genuine carers who actually care about their clients; praise indeed.  Thank you, thank you! 24th October 2013.