Just a few words to give our heartfelt thanks to you all for the love, care and support given to our Mam and us as a family at Charlotte Grange.

You made a very sad time for us, bearable and how you loved and cared for Mam - we will never forget.

We wish you all the very best for the future. Thanks again for everything. 15th April 2014.

It was a big decision for Mum to move from her bungalow. Over the past 4 1/2 years she has been very happy at Pemberton Fold due to your superb staff. Many thanks for your kindness, dedication and love. You guys Rock!! Thanks for all your love and attention to Mum over the years. You made mum happy and secure. Many thanks for that over the years. 15th April 2014.

There are no words to express my gratitude to you all - you were absolutely wonderful in the way in which you cared for my mother during her time in Gardner House - you were so kind and loving to her.

These last couple of weeks she could not have been better nursed  anywhere. I went to see her yesterday afternoon and she looked so peaceful, she looked lovely and that will stay with me for a long time. Inadequate though they may be - thank you from the bottom of my heart. 8th April 2014.

I am writing to inform you how happy and impressed I am with the care given to my uncle from the staff  at Charlotte Grange.

He came to you in a very frail condition in February, he had not been eating or engaging with others since he broke his hip at the end of November. He had spent six weeks in hospital then five weeks in another care home. he had lost a stone in weight, had had various infections, was very weak and unable to walk for more than a few steps.

My greatest wish was that he would leave his room and eat a meal at least once a day with the other residents. I am aware that he will never be able to run an egg and spoon race again, but hoped he would at least mingle, and above all else, eat.  From the moment he entered the Sandwell unit, he eats, drinks and sits with other residents. The layout of the unit is superb, it's homely, with a conservatory. There are budgies, and the most helpful willing carers that I could have possibly asked for.

It's difficult having to place a loved one into a home, when they had previously lived independently, but I no longer worry. He has gained some strength back as he does not like to miss a meal, he is still frail, but looks 100% better than he did. His memory has improved, again it will never be as it was, but he is so much better in himself.  Also my dog Max, is made very welcome and spoilt rotten! Thank you all for the quality of care, it is much appreciated by my Uncle and I. (From the niece of a resident) 8th April 2014

Residents are well looked after and their needs are a priority. We are kept well informed of any situations that need to be discussed and any suggestions we have are taken on board.  We always feel welcome at Shalom and have no complaints about the way things are run.From Mum and Aunt of a person supported.  7th April 2014

I visit Calder Drive, on a weekly basis to deliver a music expression session.It is a bright, clean and friendly environment which is a pleasure to work in.

The staff are always eager to help and join in the music session and the residents always seem relaxed and happy.There is a high degree of professionalism and care is given in a sincere, thoughtful and dignified manner.In short its a lovely place to be. 3rd April 2014

The support that Lismore House have given during JMc's transition has been 5 star.There have been excellent examples of multi agency working, good communication and a flexible approach.The manager is very professional, approachable and accommodating.  

Overall an excellent service. 1st April 2014

The standard of R's care is excellent. R has physically improved as has his speech, calmness and social attitude. All staff members are very friendly and positive. As well as R's physical appearance also his personal belongings and living quarters are of a very high standard.

R's food is freshly prepared and nice and healthy. All facilities are very clean and ready available.R's 'out of house' activities are many and varied offering a excellent balance between home life, exercise and indoor activities. Staff work so well together and often encourage R to do things for himself and help staff to run the house. Overall staff are superb in a very difficult situation.  R has greatly improved in his time at Shalom. Thank you very much. 1st April 2014

This is just a note to say how much I have enjoyed visiting Lismore House in recent years.The respect and affection you and your team have for your residents is plain to see and the quality of care you give is excellent.

You are quick to seek advice from all members of the Community Learning Disability Team when this is indicated and to our great delight you always take the advice and act on it! Lastly, I have always valued the warm welcome and open discussion at Lismore.I wish you, your team and your residents all the best for the future. 1st April 2014

I wish to express my sincere thanks for the care and help your is giving to my wife. When I first heard of your services, I did not expect the loving care that is given to her daily. The feedback I get about her wellbeing, moods, and wishes is so valuable. It helps me to know my wife better; I am more able to discuss her needs with others.

The ladies who come are always cheerful and engage with my wife from walking through the door, they carry out their duties with humour and leave after 30 minutes, leaving her a more composed person. 6th March 2014.