"I would like to say how much I appreciate the support provided to my son by Community Integrated Care's South Tyneside Children's Enablement service. You have enabled me to keep working, whilst knowing that my son is receiving lots of appropriate play opportunities with his peers and staff who know him." 25th May 2012 

"I am sorry to say that Mum passed away on 21st May 2012 but I wanted to write to thank you for the care and support you gave her during her years at The Peele Care Home. Her treatment was always professional and compassionate. Thank you."  28th May 2012

Congratulations to Carlingwalk House Care Home in Dumfries - winners of the "Recognising Continence Promotion and Care Homes Team Award. Nominations were from all care homes in D&G. 30th May 2012

"On a day-to-day basis the team at Dymoke Road showed a commitment and respect to DF in the way they approached their work. It was obvious on meeting the team that there was a huge amount of respect for him as a person. The staff dealt with any difficulties that arose in both a proportional and professional manner. There is no doubt in my mind that this contributed to DF having a significant quality of life." 16th May 2012 

"Thank you to the team at Charnwood Lodge for looking after my Mum over the last few weeks. She has been very happy with you. Your excellent care has resulted in a great improvement to Mum's health, enabling us to take her back to her own home. Your kindness has been greatly appreciated." 30th May 2012 

"Birkdale Road is a very welcoming service, with a stable staff team. Communication works well and whenever I set training days in place all staff attend and appear very committed. The house is very person-centred and all clients are involved in their home; it is a pleasure to visit. It would be great if all services could be like Birkdale." 31st May 2012. 

"My sister lives at Morningside in Penrith and I am writing to let you know about the excellent care she receives from the team there. I cannot praise all the staff highly enough for the level of quality care they provide to my sister, day and night. They are wonderful." 6th June 2012

"Many thanks to the staff at Charlotte Grange for looking after our Mum for the last few years, especically the last few weeks of Mum's life in which you helped us cope with it all." 8th June 2012. 

"Mum was only in St Catherine's Care Home for a few weeks but the attention to detail and effort in meeting her needs was truly exceptional and we will always be eternally grateful for that. The recommendation given about St Catherine's lived up to our expectations and in fact exceeded it." 11th June 2012 

I don't know where to start to thank you (Carlingwalk House). Each and everyone of you have been so kind and the care you gave Mum has been amazing; we can't thank you enough for the last few years and for making her final weeks so comfortable and peaceful. Thank you also for the support you gave us. We are going to miss Carlingwark House - you all make it a very special place." 12th June 2012