A social worker from Cumbria CC stated that "she really enjoyed working with us because of the pro-active manner in which we plan support, therefore avoiding crisis". - Norfolk Road, 17th August 2012

"We would like to donate a cheque for the sum of £20 to your residents fund in appreciation of the care and kindness shown to .... during his stay at Charlotte Grange" 17th August 2012

"Thank you for your loving care of our mother over the last few months". - Eccleston Court Care Home. 16th August 2012

"I would like to comment on the enjoyment that my granddaughter and I had at the Circle Group's recent performance at the Childwall Community theatre, it was educational, great reminiscence therapy and excellent fun.  A shining example of social inclusion and how it should be done, cannot wait for the next performance.  Please congratulate everyone involved". 14th August 2012.

Compliance inspector from CQC advised that a support worker had given probably the most comprehensive answer about safeguarding that he'd had on any inspection.  When feeding back to the team, the inspector also commented that he would work at Norfolk Road and commented that "That's saying something, as I'm really picky". 13th August 2012

"I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the care and attention you are giving my auntie.  This was very noticeable to me when I called into Thorneycroft one day last month.  My aunt was so kind to me and all her nephews when we were boys, we owe her so much.  It is sad that she cant see or hear much but it is a great comfort to me to know that she is being looked after so kindly by you - Thank you so much". 13th August 2012

"For just over one year I have enjoyed my life at Marston Gardens, it's great!  My family, relations, friends and staff say I look after my flat so well and they are so pleased with me. I have visitors and go out with them and have fun with my friends. This shows I am having a happy life here at Mardens!"  8th August 2012

"Thank you and your staff for all the loving care and attention you gave mum whilst in your care. We are sure you will miss her chatter as we do!  Mum being at Munches Park helped give us peace of mind.  Special thanks to the staff who were with mum on her final days - you were exceptionally caring".  24th July 2012

"Our son recently moved into Martin Close we just wanted to say that the Manager and staff have been so supportive not only to our son but to us all.  It was a huge decision and an emotionally difficult time for us parents having our son move into residential care, your communication has been of the highest standards with regular updates; this has helped us immensely in allowing us to let others care for our son."  24th July 2012

"Thank you all for your kindness, patience and caring you gave to my brother during the last few weeks of his life an St Johns Nursing Home. Living out of town meant I couldn't get to visit him often, but he would tell us how you all looked after him - this is a great comfort to me to know that he was looked after so well and with dignity. You have a very difficult job - Thank you all.  23rd July 2012