"We just wanted to say a big thank you for looking after my Mum and treating her with so much respect in her twilight years. Before she came to Carlingwark House she was very unhappy and lonely in her own home which caused us a great deal of worry and anxiety. We would never know from one day to the next how she was and on the phone she was always asking when we would be back up despite us having been in Kirkcudsbright the week before. All that changed when she came to Carlingwark House. She was much happier and secure and really enjoyed the company of all the staff. We saw a huge change in her.

Thank you all so much. What a great loving caring and secure service you provide. All the visitors Mum has had commented to us how clean, lovely and lively Carlingwark House is and how friendly and kind all the staff are. We will miss Mum very much but we will also miss our visits and seeing you all and your loving friendly smiles. Thank you so much." 8th November 2012.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the care that you gave my Mum while she was in Merse House. Everyone from the kitchen, cleaning, laundry, care, senior staff and the manager were always so cheery and helpful.

When the time comes when someone you care about needs more care than can be given at home, and all the feelings of guilt and helplessness that accompanies such a decision have to be made then the attitude of the care home staff is so important. All of you made the transition so very painless. All of us were and are so grateful for the compassion shown and I would like you to convey our appreciation to all of your staff." 2nd November 2012

"To everyone at Gordon House - thanks for getting me back on track. Love always." 24th October 2012

"To all staff at Gordon House, many thanks for looking after my daughter. She couldn’t have gone to a better place. Much appreciation." 24th October 2012

"I am writing on behalf of my brothers and all the family to thank you and all your staff for the wonderful care you provide for our Mum. It is excellent. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming when we visit and nothing is too much trouble when we ask for help and advice.

We all appreciate that looking after elderly people can be difficult but everyone is just so supportive and caring that we have no worries about Mum's welfare at all. It is like having an extended family. We all really do appreciate the care and support you all provide and would have no hesitation in recommending Longford to others. Many, many thanks." 21st October 2012

In recognition of Excellence in Food Hygiene standards, as assessed by the Environmental Health services, as part of an ongoing inspection programme at Charnwood Lodge. 12th October 2012

"Thank you for all your kind care, love and attention shown to ...  it is very much appreciated".  Thorney Croft Nursing Home. 12th October 2012

"I am writing on behalf of all the family to thank you and your staff for all the care you gave to mum during her stay with you at Heartly Green, prior to her passing last month.  We are all agreed that she could have not been in any better caring place." 

"The patience and compassion you all displayed (especially towards the end of her life) was extra-ordinary and we felt went way beyond what we would have expected.  It is also important for me to add that we were also impressed by the cleanliness of the home and the way the residents are looked after on a day-to-day basis.  It is a credit to you all, the sentiments in this letter are genuinely meant.  You have a difficult job to do and you do it with grace and professionalism, that I doubt can be matched in many other similar situation."

"Once again many thanks for all that you did for mum and that which you continue to do for others." 11th October 2012

"I would like to extend my thanks to you and your staff for making my grandmother so welcome and comfortable a St Stephen's Care Home, allowing her to spend a few happy months in your care". 8th October 2012

"We are happy with the care of our sister at Dormy Way.  When I visit she is always happy and well dressed.  The staff are always polite and keen to tell us of our sisters progress etc." 5th October 2012