In many ways this letter is long overdue, as J has now been at 8 Howdenhall Road for almost three years. However we wanted you to know how much we appreciate the quality of care and level of attention you have given to J during that time.

When we think of how apprehensive we were back in 2011 as we were contemplating J going into a residential setting, even though he had previously boarded during the week  and was would be only a short distance from us, any nervousness we had has proven to be completely groundless. We can see that our boy is so happy and contented in his home - and clearly he does view Howdenhall as his home - and that he has come on amazingly in those three short years.

We really appreciate the work Community Integrated Care does to ensure J is as independent as possible and that a significant part of his time is filled with meaningful activities.  Every time we visit it's great to hear what he has been up to and what he has planned. It's especially good to know that the Community Integrated Care approach goes beyond just basic care and that you look for ways to enhance J's life experience, for example, through holidays and his fantastic 21st birthday party.The environment you have created, the compatibility between J and his fellow resident and the hard work of the whole team all contribute to a great situation.  Each person who works with J should be extremely proud of what they do. Please feel free to share this letter within Community Integrated Care and with Social Work or any other agencies that have an interest in J's wellbeing. 5th June 2014.

I have lived in Gordon House for just over 3 years, when I moved in I was very quiet and self concious (still am).  

I find the staff very friendly and willing to listen to my fears and they give me lots of support at times when I most need it on the days when my son phones me on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, as I suffer from anxiety and stress if he does not call me on time.  

The manager, nurse and my keyworker are all very caring, considerate and good listeners and are very supportive and go out of their way to assist me at these times. All of the staff are exceptional and cannot be faulted in my eyes. I was really quiet and shy and the staff have helped me come out of my shell alot thanks to their help and support.  When my son comes to visit me all the staff are friendly and respectful towards him and that means alot to me. 5th June 2014.

The family are indebted to the wonderful staff at St Patrick's Nursing Home where our loved one spent his final months. You all showed him the greatest kindness and care and we will always be grateful that he came to you. 4th June 2014.

At last I feel like writing letters. I was so tired at first, when I came home, but I am gradually feeling stronger.

I want to thank you all for the love and care I received over the 6 weeks stay with you at Henesy House. I felt it was home from home and I well remember the day I spent at hospital coming back at 7.30pm, I was so tired and as the car drew up the door of Henesy opened and there was T with a wheelchair - I could have cried, I was so tired, and he said 'Come on love and I will get you something to eat'.  

It was like coming home - I will never forget that kindness. I don't want to name staff, for you all night and day became my friends so once again I will say thank you. 28th May 2014.

From students: I just wanted to give you some feedback from my shadowing day at Parkside on 23/5/14.

I was very impressed with the exceptional service you and your team provide to the people you support. It is very clear you are making a real difference to their lives. From only spending a short time with your services it is understandable why people enter this field of work as it is a very rewarding and a satisfying job.The shadowing day has opened my eyes to other areas within social work which I had never considered before.

You have a fabulous team that welcomed us with open arms, answering our questions and told us about their role when providing essential care to the people you support. It was like being welcomed into a family as they work so well together to meet the needs of the service users. Your team, as you said yourself, is wonderful! I fully enjoyed my day at your service. 26th May 2014.

We wanted to write to express our thanks for all your care and patience over the last year in looking after E at Thorney Croft and for accommodating all our phone calls and visits from Belgium.

It hasn't been an easy 12 months for us, full of uncertainty, but we have very much appreciated your kind and excellent manner in your interactions with E and us.

Knowing that E was safe and so well cared for made the whole year such a lot easier for us. This gave us real peace of mind and confidence to entrust her care to you. In the light of all the recent negative publicity about staff treatment of elderly people in care homes, we feel as we have always felt, tremendously lucky and thankful to have kind and positive staff dealing with E in a warm and friendly environment.

Thank you for all that you did for E and for the support you gave to us when we needed it, we thank you and want to know that your caring work is very much appreciated. With grateful thanks and best wishes. 14th May 2014.

No words can express my deepest thanks and appreciation for you and everyone at Gardner House for the support and compassion you gave me and my family on the sad passing of my mother.

The last 6 years were one of the happiest periods of her life and that was down to you all. It would be unfair to name individuals because every single one of you is a 'diamond'. I wish you all the very best for the future and I know you will care for everyone as you cared for my mam. Once again thank you. 8th May 2014.

Thank you for being one and all of those special people. I so appreciated the wonderful care you gave to mother during her stay with you at Merse House, and at the end, I greatly appreciated it, especially as I am a Palliative Care nurse over here. May you all be given strength from the peace and happiness you gave mother. 28th April 2014.

Thank you so much for looking after my Dad at Pemberton Fold. It was reassuring to know he was in safe hands whilst we were on holiday in New Zealand.  My Mum had just the break she needed and some 'me time'!  I can't put into words how grateful I am. 24th April 2014.

On behalf of myself and my sisters, a note to thanks to everyone for their efforts in caring for Mum from March 2011 until she passed away in April 2014.  

We took a long time to choose the right environment for Mum back in 2011 and we think we got it right - you did a great job.  the level of care met our expectations. Communication whenever the need arose was of a high standard especially this year from January when she broke her hip until her passing.

Thank you for the sympathy card which was sent on behalf of Charnwood Lodge and thank you to the care assistant who represented Charnwood at the funeral.

A special thank you to J who gently managed the three of us through the last few hours of Mum's life - J, you were wonderful. Your strength and kindness in those hours was a source of great comfort to us and will never be forgotten.  To the seniors and staff, when the going got tough, you stepped up to the mark for Mum, thank you. Our everlasting memory of Charnwood and its staff will be the character, strength, respect and compassion to be found there. 24th April 2014.