The whole family cannot praise everyone at Green Heys enough for the excellent standard of care she received. Mum was treated with respect and her dignity upheld right up until her passing. It's so easy these days for people to complain when things are wrong but say nothing when all is right. So all of us would like to say a very, very big "thank you" to all connected with the running and care of Green Heys. Stand up and take a bow. 24 January 2017. 

Dear all, I mean all of you, I don't know how to say thank you for the care and attention I have had here at Henesy House.  

You have looked after me so well in everyway you are all wonderful from the top to the bottom. I feel I have made a lot of friends here forever. I would like to stay if I didn't have a good family to look after me. I hope with all my heart that you all have good luck and good health always. I will call in to see you one day soon. Bye and God Bless. 8th September 2014.

My sister in law was a resident in Gardner House, Hartlepool. From the time we walked through the door, the team made us welcome to a level previously not experienced in other care facilities. Nothing was too much trouble, the staff took the time to explain in detail the care my sister in law would receive and the plans they had in place to make her care the most supportive possible.

Our family had various work and domestic commitments so visiting was both frequent and prolonged, and on every occasion we were greeted with a smile and warm welcome at the door. Having spent considerable time there I witnessed first hand the focused care and dedication the staff show to all residents and visitors.

The home gives the impression of a well organised team, each member fully supporting each other. Another observation was that at the end of the shift the staff were keen to ensure that others knew exactly what had happened that day, and often stayed long after shifts officially ended. We as family, cannot speak highly enough of the team; the way they ensured that her end of life care was as comfortable as possible, and they made contact arrangements available at all times to keep us fully informed. Sadly my sister in law passed away in  August, but we, as a family, were comforted knowing that she was given the highest quality care and attention in her last days, and this will always be a memory we will hold dear.

In summary, the staff at Gardner House are a credit to your business, and I intend to inform our wider social circle about our loves one's care, and how excellent your facilities are. 3rd September 2014.

We are absolutely amazed and delighted at the progress S has made over the last 18 months. She has lost weight and can now walk without any strain on her new hip, sleeps well and keeps her room tidy.

We know this is all due to the love and dedication of the staff at Mosspool. Nothing is too much trouble and they gave S and the family a wonderful 60th birthday party, including food, all in their free time. You work way beyond your duties and we know we are so lucky that S is so well cared for. Our regards and sincere thanks. 1st September 2014.

I would like to say thank you to all the staff who cared for my wife at Charnwood Lodge for almost a year. I was happy to see the way she was treated with care and kindness and do not think it could have been any bettered.

I considered it a fine home for her and with the recent refurbishment, it has been made even better. 8th August 2014.

I am writing on behalf of and my family to express are extreme thanks and appreciation for all the care, love and attention which is being given to our Mum. Who has been in Heartly Green for about six years now. It is such a comfort to us that Mum is being so well cared for.

When we visit (2 or 3 times each week) the staff are always friendly and helpful. Nothing is to much trouble.Thank you. 24th July 2014

Just to say a huge thank you to each and everyone of you for all the care and kindness you showed to our dear Mum. We were so thankful that Mum managed to get a place in St Stephen's after hearing of its excellent reputation and it is a great comfort to us knowing that mum received the best of care and attention in what very sadly turned out to be the last few months of her life.  

Thankyou for making us feel welcome each time we came to see Mum. We will miss you all very much but will pop in from time to time to see how everyone is doing. Thanks again for everything. 17th July 2014.

My daughter has now been with you at Mengham Avenue for five months and I just felt I would like to write and tell you how very happy I and my family are with her placement.

When we were first first told there was a possible home on Hayling Island we were not enthusiastic as it was further from my home than I wanted her to be and there is no public transport to get me there and back in a day. However we thought we should at least have a look and thank goodness we did. Based on past experiences, I came to Mengham Avenue armed with a list of questions to which I wanted satisfactory answers. When we first walked in we immediately felt the happy, homely atmosphere you and your staff have created there and for all my queries, you had good procedures in place - safeguarding strategies, money management, maintaining contact with families to mention a few.  

On our way home our overwhelming feeling was that my daughter could be very happy with you. We were also very impressed with the way you managed her transition.  Her first impression was also very positive when we asked her is she would like to think about living in Mengham Avenue she said yes very definitely. She said she would like to do all the things the other residents did. You gave her plenty of opportunities to get to know you, the staff, and the other residents before she moved in and consequently she settled in quickly and happily.  

I really do believe she is happier with all of you than she has ever been in her life. I have enjoyed getting to know your staff and again am very impressed with their kindness and patience and the amount of effort you all put in to make the residents lives interesting and fulfilling with lots of fun on the way. I particularly like the way you obviously work as a team and the loyalty and respect your staff have for you. This is down to your excellent management skills. Fifteen years of experience of 7 managers while my daughter was living in a residential home have taught me this is not always the case and we, as a family, feel very blessed and grateful that our daughter is now living in a home where the challenges she presents are treated as just that and solutions are sought creatively.

In the last five months we have seen a very positive change for the better in her. She is much happier and more confident and talks with enthusiasm about what she has done and is going to do. All of this has relieved me and my family of a great deal of concern for her and her future. We cannot thank you and your staff enough for the great job you do and look forward to a long association with you all. 4th July 2014.

My son has just completed the transition from Children's Services to Adult Services. I was apprehensive and unsure about leaving my son for the first time on respite.  

I recently went away for a weeks holiday, making use of my allocation with Bredon Respite.  I found the staff to be very professional and friendly and I knew that my son would be well looked after I was reassured by the staff that I could ring anytime, which I did to see if my son was ok and settled. To which the staff informed me that he was eating and drinking very well as sometimes it can be a struggle to get him to eat. I was able to enjoy my holiday knowing that my son was well looked after.  

My son was happy and very content when he arrived home and has continued to eat and drink really well. I will not hesitate in future to use the respite service again. 9th June 2014.

My sister moved to Broad Lane just over a year ago after a very distressing time at her previous care home. At this care home she was often  unhappy, as were her family. You can understand why her family, me in particular, were very angry and mistrusting of care staff and the organisations they worked for.

However, I really felt I must tell you how delighted I am with the care she receives at Broad Lane. The team are outstanding and the people who work with them are a credit to Community Integrated Care. After years of taking her back to her home after a day out she would be crying, which is horrifically distressing, now she looks forward to it and can't wait to tell which ever member of staff what she has been doing. She also talks about going home now.

The staff have really created a family home environment that I believe comes from the leadership. All of my sister's money is accounted for, and the money she spends is well spent. Hospital, doctor and dental appointments are all kept (my sister was struck off her neurologists panel previously as she had missed three appointments at her last home and she hadn't been taken to the dentist in 5 years).

On a personal level I have had to spend years fighting for my sister, managing her affairs and trying to deal with UBU and CQC and all the litigation thats been going on. To be honest I was at my wits end and had become really resentful and angry of all the trauma, drama and stress I was under. Unless you have been through that you probably can't appreciate how wonderful it is to trust the people who care for a much loved sister. I feel as though I can let go of some of the fear I have that it will all happen again. Broad Lane have given me a great feeling of confidence that if anything should happen to me, my sister will be well looked after and that is priceless as well as being a massive relief.  

So I would like you to pass on my heartfelt thanks to D and her staff at Broad Lane for the outstanding care and support they given AD and me over the last 12 months. It is very much appreciated. 9th June 2014.