Community Integrated Care offers a wide range of care and support services for people who have an autism spectrum disorder, whether that is a formal or informal diagnosis.

Matthew works at Next - autism support We recognise that people have their own individual needs, abilities, goals and aspirations, so provide support that is as unique as they are. Our services focus on empowering people to achieve their ambitions, maximise their talent and skills, and enjoy and independent and fulfilled lives. Our services include:

  • Supported Living
  • Registered Care Services
  • Floating Support
  • Supported Employment

    We can offer anything from 24-hour support, to just a few hours of flexible support in the community.

    Personalised Support

    Our teams focus on really getting to know people – how they want to be supported, what they want to achieve in life and what is important to them – to offer support that is as individual as they are. To deliver this, our colleagues are given a host of specialist training to understand autism and leading person-centred approaches.

    Every person we support has an outcome-focused support plan, which looks at how we can work together to make their aspirations a reality. This might include goals around being healthy, accessing the community, staying connected with family and friends, or learning new skills.

    For people who we support to live independently in their own homes, we also focus on creating the right physical environment for them. We work closely with partner housing associations to carefully create living environments that are person-centred and enabling. We are dedicated to enabling people to achieve their personal goals in the community - from social experiences through to work and volunteering. Our Vocational Support team was Britain’s first National Autistic Society accredited supported employment service.

    Led by the People we Support.

    Our charity is committed to social inclusion - we think that it is vital to listen and respond to the views of the people we support. We regularly host Person-Centred Reviews with the people we support. These see us work with the person, and the important people in their lives, to look at what is working for them and what we can make better

    We also have a fantastic team of Peer Reviewers in every region we provide support. These are people we support, who are trained and employed as ‘experts by experience’. They review our services from the perspectives of people who receive them, to help ensure that we’re delivering the personalised care that we aspire to.

    A Proud History

    Community Integrated Care has been delivering specialist autism services for almost 30 years. Our specialist autism services have been recognised at the likes of the National Care Awards, National Learning Disability Awards and 3rd Sector Care Awards.

    If you would like any further information about Community Integrated Care and our specialist autism services, please get in touch.

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