Not just a home ...

My mother sadly passed away in Charlotte Grange, having lived there for approximately 7 years. In these days when care homes seem only to get bad press, I would like to put it on record that the care my mother received while in Charlotte Grange was wonderful.

These were certainly the happiest years of her life since my father died back in 1982. I cannot fault any aspect of the physical and emotional care provided by the staff or the way they engage with the residents while treating them all as individuals and with dignity. My comments relate to all staff, from management to domestic workers but special praise must go to the carers who see the residents daily and become so familiar with their individual needs and wishes. When my mother was in hospital and it became clear that she was dying, she asked if she could go back "home"; Charlotte Grange was not just a home, it was her real home.

She wanted to be there and the staff wanted her back, so we achieved this and she died peacefully among friends. I also need to mention how well the staff looked after my wife and I during the time we spent with my mother. They made sure we were fed and watered and did everything they could for us. A number of them came to the funeral along with one of the residents who was a close friend of my mother, and we were happy to see them. In closing, thank you once again to your organisation and to the staff of Charlotte Grange in particular for the care and happy years given to my mother. 1st August 2013