Age-Related Needs and Dementia

Community Integrated Care - Dementia AwardsCommunity Integrated Care has almost thirty years' experience in supporting older people and people living with dementia. We work across the North of England, delivering services that provide residential care, nursing care, respite and rehabilitation services and day care services

Our commitment to delivering high-quality support has been recognised at the National Dementia Care Awards, Skills for Care Accolades, National Care Awards and 3rd Sector Care Awards.

Person-Centred Care

Person-Centred dementia careWe focus on getting to really know the people we support - their interests, life-history, likes and dislikes - to provide tailored care. To support this, our colleagues adopt leading person-centred practices, developed by our partners at Helen Sanderson Associates and our in-house dementia specialists.

Our services involve the important people in the lives of the people we support – their family and friends – and support these relations to continue to flourish. Importantly, we believe that age shouldn’t be a barrier to enjoying new friendships or experiences. All of services are at the heart of their local communities and welcome the support of local people and voluntary groups.

We offer extensive activity planned programmes in all of our care homes - from yoga to walking football, arts to local reminiscence. But we also believe that spontaneous activities are equally important too, so involve the people we support in everyday activities – from cleaning to gardening, making drinks to planning events – that help them retain their independence, enjoy active lives and feel involved in their home.

Our services are warm, friendly and welcoming places. Many feature special destination spaces for people to enjoy, such as themed rooms, cinemas, indoor gardens or pubs – as well as comfortable lounges. We use assistive technologies, and design and furnish our services to maximise safety and independence.

End of Life Care

At Community Integrated Care, our commitment to providing quality care extends to a persons end of life too. Our services follow the NHS Gold Standard for End of Life Care principals, and several have Commend or Beacon status.

Innovation and Partnerships

Our local services work in partnership with a wide range of professionals including academics, advocacy groups, local commissioning teams, clinicians and GPs.

Community Integrated Care is committed to working in partnership with health and social care commissioning partners to develop integrated services that make the biggest impact possible on the communities we work in. By working in collaboration with our partners, we’ve developed innovative models of care that have reduced demand on local hospital settings and delivered significant social benefits to the communities that we serve. 

    Case Studies

    • Phil Benson & Danielle Andrews' Life Story Model...

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      Getting to know the person is at the core of the EachStep model of care. Phil Benson and Danielle Andrews know that the best way to do this is to find out who they are, what they like, what their life has been about, and why they feel the way they do.

      Getting to know the person is at the core of the EachStep model of care. Phil Benson and Danielle Andrews know that the best way to do this is to find out who they are, what they like, what their life has been about, and why they feel the way they do. This interaction, which has led to some excellent relationships and outcomes between staff and the people they support, has inspired their Life Story Work.

      Combining research from the University of Manchester and their own best practice, Phil and Danielle have developed a tool that helps staff to delve into the rich histories of the people they support and continue their story after joining the service. This tool is designed to help people remember events in their life, and how they affected them emotionally.

      Traditionally, Life Story work focuses on the important events of a person’s life, but by also understanding how these events made them feel at the time, EachStep’s staff are able to interpret residents’ emotions and behaviour when their short-term memory fades and they see life through the prism of their long-term memories.

      On using the tool, staff teams have reported that even the smallest insights have given them a far better understanding of someone’s personality; enabling them to provide a more joined-up and personalised service. As well as reflecting a person’s history, the stories are also continued throughout their support at EachStep, showing their journey did not end when they joined the service.

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