Accessibility overview

This website has been designed to be as accessible to many people as possible and to adhere to Web Accessibility Standards.

It is equipped with a number of features to enhance accessibility. You will find these tools in the 'Accessibility Bar' at the top of every page of this website.

Preview of Accessibility toolbar

AAA - Text resizing

To increase the size of text on the website, simply click on the 'A A A' symbol. This will increase the size of text from your default browser text size to a larger text size. For information on how you can change your browser settings make further changes to text and font display, visit the Web Accessibility Initative guide.

Background / Foreground

This tool changes the background and foreground colours of the website, using high-contract and coloured style sheets that make the website more accessible for people with visual impairments. To use this simply click on the colour scheme that you would like the site to be displayed in. To ensure that your choice of stylesheet is applied on every page of the website that you visit, please ensure that you have enabled 'cookies' on your browser.

Language (Translation)

Forms to get in touch with CIC are available in the following languages:

Should you or someone you know require information about CIC translated, please contact the CIC Marketing and Communications Department: / 0151 422 5374 or fill in this simple contact form. Please state the information you require and the language that it needs to be translated to.


Selecting this option will open 'SpeakIT', a service that reads out webpage content in a realistic human voice. You will not need to install any software to access this feature. To use SpeakIt, please ensure that your speakers / headphones are turned on and set to an appropriate volume.

Easy Read

This section uses simple text and images to explain in an accessible way the type of support that CIC can provide. This page was written and designed with the assistance of people supported by CIC.

Should you have any difficulties accessing the CIC website or using the above features, please contact the CIC Marketing and Communications Department: / 0151 422 5374 and we will do our best to assist you.