Martin McGuigan

Job Title: 
Director of Quality and Innovation

Martin McGuigan joined Community Integrated Care’s Executive Team in September 2014, as our Director of Quality and Innovation. He was previously our Regional Director for Central England.

In Martin’s role, he oversees our approach to organisational quality, our programmes to adopt leading person-centred thinking approaches, and our efforts to implement innovative new practice in our services.

Martin has developed our pioneering ‘Golden Thread’ personalization programme. This has seen us invest in offering genuinely specialist training for all of our 5000+ colleagues; employ Peer Reviewers – people we support who are trained to assess the quality of life that people lead in our services; and launch an active Voice Forum, which enables people we support to contribute to our local and national decision-making.

He has also supported us to develop partnerships with leading academics, sector bodies and creative groups, to develop projects that enrich our support and the experiences of our colleagues.