Supported Living

CIC Supported Living service for people with learning difficulties, physical disabilities, mental health concerns.Community Integrated Care’s Supported Living services offer people the opportunity to live independently in their own homes, with a personalised package of support that is focussed fulilling their life-goals.  

We support people with a wide range of needs, including learning difficulties, physical disabilities, complex needs (including dual diagnosis), mental health concerns, sensory impairments and autistic spectrum disorders. Our aim is to deliver a service which gives people real choice and control over how they live their lives, fostering independence and support to achieve personal goals and aspirations.

Flexibility and choice

Our highly personalised services are individually tailored to meet the specific needs of each and every person we support. 

We can offer support in a variety of supported living models, including: individual homes, flat schemes shared supported houses, individual outreach services and extra care services, and can offer anything from 24 hour support, to just a few hours flexible support within the community.

We are able to support and encourage you in many areas, helping you to lead a full and varied life, including:-

  CIC Supported Living service for people with learning difficulties, physical disabilities, mental health concerns.
  • Developing domestic and life skills (shopping, cooking, cleaning).
  • Help managing your finances.
  • Getting out and about in your community.
  • Support to attend college, work placements and other activities.
  • Advice and advocacy.
  • Help accessing other services.
  • Accompaniment to appointments.
  • Keeping safe and healthy.

We focus on really getting to know people – how they want to be supported, what they want to achieve in life and what is important to them – to offer support that is as individual as they are. To achieve this, we use a number of specialist person-centred support planning approaches, such as One Page-Profiles and Person-Centred Reviews. 

We work closely in partnership with individuals, their families or people important to them, and Local Authorities, to ensure we develop and deliver a package of support which is unique to each person we support.

Do you have your own budget?

More and more we are providing advice and assistance to individuals and families looking to develop a personalised service using individual budgets, personal budgets and direct payments. Our Funding Advice pages have lots of useful information about using your own budget and you can always Contact Us if you want to have a chat about how we can help you with your finances.

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    Case Studies

    • Jamie's incredible journey.

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      Through accessing Supported Living through Community Integrated Care, Jamie found a new confidence in life and a passion for running – even taking on the Adidas Half-Marathon at Silverstone!

      Jamie has autism and joined our Howden Hall service two years ago. As our team got to know him, they recognised that he had lots of energy and was happiest when active, but his challenges with social situations meant that he would not enjoy team sports. So, they him access his local gym, a space where he could set himself personal goals and focus on himself without worrying about others.

      With their support he discovering a passion for running. Over the course of the year he built up his fitness and signed up to take on the 2015 Edinburgh Subway Helping Hearts 5km Race. Completing this was a significant achievement for Jamie, with him participating in a busy event with thousands of other people. This success was enabled by the person-centred support of his team, who used reassurance techniques and provided lots of guidance to help him prepare.

      Having competed the 5k race, Jamie wanted to take on a much bigger challenge. His team supported him to take on the 2016 Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon in 13th March. His dedicated team ran the race alongside him, giving him support and encouragement throughout each of the 26,000 steps of the race. Together they completed the race in a fantastic two hours, 47 minutes.

      Jamie’s Support Worker, Mike Thomson, says: “Jamie has achieved incredible things since taking up running, and the sport has given him a new confidence and passion in life. We were honoured to be running alongside him, helping him to succeed with this great ambition.”

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