Funding Advice

This section is designed to provide a brief overview of how care and support can be accessed and funded. For a more in-depth guide on how to arrange the support of a care provider or access the funding you may be entitled to, we recommend that you visit the Disability section of the Directgov website.

How to find the care services and benefits you are entitled to

Step 1: The first step towards accessing care services will always begin with an assessment of your needs by a Social Worker or another such NHS professional. This assessment is called a Community Care Assessment.

Step 2: The Community Care Assessment will identify the types of support you need, the services you can access and how they can be funded. The benefits you will receive to fund your care depend upon the services you will be accessing, your current financial assets and your overall care needs. Some benefits you may receive to fund your care include Disability Living Allowance for mobility and/or care, and Incapacity Benefit or Employment & Support Allowance (ESA) as it is now known for new claims)

Step 3: Your Social Worker will identify local providers of the services you need. Your social worker will arrange for you (or your advocate / family) to meet the providers you are interested in, so that you can decide upon who will provide your care.

You may also have the choice of receiving a 'Direct Payment'. This means that you will receive money directly from your local authority to pay for the services you access, allowing you to purchase care services of your choice.

Step 4: If you have received an assessment and would like to access a service provided by CIC, please inform your social worker or care manager, or get in touch with Community Integrated Care by using this simple contact form. We will review if we are able to offer you our support and if this is possible, will make all the necessary arrangements for you to join our services.

Managing your finances

Community Integrated Care also act as appointees for many people, which means we take responsibility for the claiming and collection of benefits for people who are unable to manage their own financial affairs.

Direct Payments

Depending upon your circumstances, you may be able to fund your care with 'Direct Payments'. This means that you will receive money directly from your local authority to pay for the services you access. Your eligibility to receive direct payments will be identified in your Community Care Assessment.

Individuals who have Direct Payments can either use the money they receive to purchase services recommended by social services or to buy their own care services. Many people who choose to have direct payments feel that they have more choice and control over the services they can receive.

All of our Learning Disabilities, Autism and Mental Health services are available to people with Direct Payments, you can find out more on our Personalisation page.

For more information on Direct Payments visit Directgov or speak to your current Care Manager or Social Worker.

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