Heartfelt thanks...

My sister moved to Broad Lane just over a year ago after a very distressing time at her previous care home. At this care home she was often  unhappy, as were her family. You can understand why her family, me in particular, were very angry and mistrusting of care staff and the organisations they worked for.

However, I really felt I must tell you how delighted I am with the care she receives at Broad Lane. The team are outstanding and the people who work with them are a credit to Community Integrated Care. After years of taking her back to her home after a day out she would be crying, which is horrifically distressing, now she looks forward to it and can't wait to tell which ever member of staff what she has been doing. She also talks about going home now.

The staff have really created a family home environment that I believe comes from the leadership. All of my sister's money is accounted for, and the money she spends is well spent. Hospital, doctor and dental appointments are all kept (my sister was struck off her neurologists panel previously as she had missed three appointments at her last home and she hadn't been taken to the dentist in 5 years).

On a personal level I have had to spend years fighting for my sister, managing her affairs and trying to deal with UBU and CQC and all the litigation thats been going on. To be honest I was at my wits end and had become really resentful and angry of all the trauma, drama and stress I was under. Unless you have been through that you probably can't appreciate how wonderful it is to trust the people who care for a much loved sister. I feel as though I can let go of some of the fear I have that it will all happen again. Broad Lane have given me a great feeling of confidence that if anything should happen to me, my sister will be well looked after and that is priceless as well as being a massive relief.  

So I would like you to pass on my heartfelt thanks to D and her staff at Broad Lane for the outstanding care and support they given AD and me over the last 12 months. It is very much appreciated. 9th June 2014.