He has achieved so much ...

I am a friend and advocate to a resident at The Maples, Moreton, Wirral. I would ask that you pass on my appreciation to all the staff who are looking after him so well. I have known him for over 25 years and was a friend of his family. Before her death, his mother, made me promise that I would always look out for him. He left local authority care just a short while ago and was lucky to find a place in The Maples. In the time since I have visited him and observed the interaction with the staff, he is so relaxed and at home that I have to admit that I am totally amazed. Historically, I expected far more of a problem than has actually occurred.

In practical terms, he has achieved far more in personal goals than I would have dreamed of. The team tells me that he has ridden a train, something I tried to get him to do many years ago and failed. He has been out on quite a few occasions, and he has even been out for a meal, all things that I believe would just have been wishes but which your staff have all helped to achieve in such a short time. 

When I have visited I have watched the way staff interact with him and they all seem to have knack of understanding just what he wants and needs. The environment is certainly conducive in making him feel relaxed, for each time I visit it appears that he has lived there all his life.  What I really appreciate is that all the staff have pushed his limits and are trying things that will enhance his quality of life and I would just like to say to them all, thank you it is so appreciated, and that I am sure if he were able, he would say it himself. My final compliment to the staff is that I now feel more relaxed and positive about his future and I can step back a little and know that he will flourish with his now new friends and carers. 26th November 2013.