A credit to you...

My sister in law was a resident in Gardner House, Hartlepool. From the time we walked through the door, the team made us welcome to a level previously not experienced in other care facilities. Nothing was too much trouble, the staff took the time to explain in detail the care my sister in law would receive and the plans they had in place to make her care the most supportive possible.

Our family had various work and domestic commitments so visiting was both frequent and prolonged, and on every occasion we were greeted with a smile and warm welcome at the door. Having spent considerable time there I witnessed first hand the focused care and dedication the staff show to all residents and visitors.

The home gives the impression of a well organised team, each member fully supporting each other. Another observation was that at the end of the shift the staff were keen to ensure that others knew exactly what had happened that day, and often stayed long after shifts officially ended. We as family, cannot speak highly enough of the team; the way they ensured that her end of life care was as comfortable as possible, and they made contact arrangements available at all times to keep us fully informed. Sadly my sister in law passed away in  August, but we, as a family, were comforted knowing that she was given the highest quality care and attention in her last days, and this will always be a memory we will hold dear.

In summary, the staff at Gardner House are a credit to your business, and I intend to inform our wider social circle about our loves one's care, and how excellent your facilities are. 3rd September 2014.