Case Studies

  • Young girl supported at CIC's Children's Enablement Services

    Lyndsay's story

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    Lyndsay, 20 has been supported by Community Integrated Care for several years, throughout her transitional period from school to college. With CIC’s support, Lyndsay is now pursuing her dream job of working with children...

    “Lyndsay has always been really great around children and has often said that she would love to become a teaching assistant,” explains Katrina Pooley, Community Integrated Care Project Manager. “With this in mind, we managed to help her secure a volunteer placement at a local school one day a week. The placement has gone so well that we’ve managed to pull back on our support for Lyndsay, and she now volunteers on her own, which is fantastic.”

    “We still see Lyndsay a few times a week, supporting her to get out and about and socialise. We’ll often go to the local disco, to the bowling alley or for day trips out,” explains Katrina. “In the future we hope to be able to support Lyndsay to build up her work experience in schools and nurseries, with the aim of helping her get a full-time role working with children – that would be Lyndsay’s ultimate goal and we’ll do everything we can to help her achieve it.”

  • Supported employment with CIC Vocational Support in Liverpool

    Matthew's story

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    Matthew is a determined young man who over the past five years of gone on to achieve his goal of securing not one, but two paid jobs…

    "At first Matt was really quite shy and anxious about working but it was clear that he had a natural affinity with children, so we supported him to find vocational training at a local Sure Steps nursery," explains Support Worker, Judith.

    "Soon after, Matthew was offered a paid role and now works totally independently from us at the nursery, which is an amazing achievement. However, Matthew didn't stop there; he then decided to take up a short placement with Next too. Again his efficiency and enthusiasm impressed and he was offered another paid role!"

    Judith adds: "Matt's success demonstrates what can be achieved with Vocational Support. He has overcome a lot of barriers and we couldn't be prouder of him."

  • Amy hard at work at Costa Coffee in Liverpool!

    Amy's story

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    Amy McConville is 28 years old, and is supported by our Vocational Support Service in Liverpool.

    Amy McConville is 28 years old, and is supported by our Vocational Support Service in Liverpool.

    Amy has always been a people person, and was overjoyed in 2010 when she landed her dream job at Costa Coffee at a local Retail Park.

    Since then, Amy’s progress has been phenomenal – she’s blossomed with confidence, skill and a passion for customer service. Her outstanding rapport with her customers has been recognised by everyone around her… not to mention she makes a mean Cappuccino!

    Her contribution to the team hasn’t gone unnoticed by her managers, who told us: “We love having Amy as part of our team. Not only is she hard working, she is an absolute star who never fails to bring a smile to everyone's face!”

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