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    Meet Laura Wiltshire, volunteer Marketing Assistant...

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    Laura Wiltshire, 25, from Widnes, is a recent graduate of John Moore’s University, Liverpool, where she studied Media, Cultural Studies and Sociology. Laura spent several weeks working alongside CIC’s Marketing and Communications team to help her get that all important first step on the career ladder. She tells us more...

    “I enjoyed my degree course, but after I graduated, I was still unsure about what to do next. The media side of my degree was my real passion, but I had also enjoyed learning more about community care issues”, explains Laura. “Gaining a placement at CIC meant that I could pursue my passion for media and marketing, but in the social care sector,”

    “The marketing team encouraged me to get involved in some really exciting projects; I helped write and design an edition of You First magazine, wrote news stories for the website and also attended an awards conference to help promote CIC,” says Laura. “Having the opportunity to work in the marketing department of a big national organisation helped me decide that this was definitely where I wanted to take my career.”

    Laura believes that volunteering adds value to the CV of new graduates in this difficult job market. “Shortly after the placement, I got my dream job, working in marketing.  The practical experience I gained during my placement was a huge factor in helping me secure my new role, as I was able to show employers that I could put into practice what I learned on my degree.”

  • Careers and jobs in social care at CIC

    Meet Michelle, Senior Support Worker from Cumbria...

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    Senior Support Worker, Michelle Earle, 24, from Cumbria, has not only followed in her mum’s footsteps to become a carer for CIC but also supports Elaine Bainbridge, a lady supported by her mum since Michelle was a child. She tells us what she finds so special about working for Community Integrated Care…

    “I joined Community Integrated Care when I was only 18 and initially started work at another service which was home to five people with learning difficulties,” says Michelle. “This was a great job and gave me lots of experience, but when the job working with Elaine came up I jumped at the chance.”

    “I have known Elaine since I was only 8 or 9, so she feels like family to me. I was excited at the thought of being part of her life, helping her become more independent, do the things she loves and generally, enjoy a great quality of life.”

    “Elaine lives in her own bungalow and because of her needs, she has one-to-one support. But she’s a very independent lady and is always on the go. If we’re not down at the Metro Centre on a shopping trip or taking a drive out to the countryside, we’ll be at the cinema or down at the bowling alley.”

    “It’s great knowing that as well as making sure Elaine is leading a full and happy life, I am also developing and  building a strong career in care. Since joining Community Integrated Care I have done tons of training, been supported to complete my NVQ 2 in Social Care and had a promotion. Next, I plan on doing my NVQ 3 – I really feel like the sky’s the limit!”

    “Every day I think how fortunate I am to be able to do a job that I love, with people that I love. Community Integrated Care is such a special place, because the people we support are so special, and as long as they are happy, I’m happy too.”

    Image: Michelle (pictured left) with Elaine.

  • CIC charity volunteer work corporate employee volunteering Manchester Airport

    Manchester Airport volunteer at The Peele Care Home

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    The Peele Senior Care Home in Wythenshawe, Manchester, recently welcomed a team of nine volunteers from Manchester Airport’s HR department, who offered to help out in the home’s garden in time for Summer.

    The team, who were led by one of the airport’s HR Manager’s, Ian Parkinson-Atherton, helped put the finishing touches to the home’s communal gardens by painting their large picket fence, a job so big that they are returning for a second day to finish it!

    Ian says: “We are lucky at Manchester Airport in that we all get the opportunity to volunteer for up to two days each year. It’s up to us how we spend our time, but as a department we do usually try to volunteer as a team; we find that not only do we get more done in a short space of time, but it’s also a great boost for team morale!”

    Helen McNabb, the Airport’s Community Relations Co-ordinator adds: “People often ask me why we have this volunteer policy in place and the answer is simple: not only does it give a large organisation like ours the chance to demonstrate our genuine commitment to supporting our local community, but it also helps promote and encourage better teamwork, learning and self-development for the people who take part.”

  • CIC charity volunteer work corporate employee volunteering Barclays Bank

    Barclay's Bank volunteer at St Stephen's Care Home

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    A team of employees from Barclays Bank recently took part in a volunteering challenge at St Stephen's Care Home in Cheshire. The team, from the bank’s IT Department, decided to try their hand a something a little more creative when they designed and built a 1930’s reminiscence room for residents...

    “Every year 50,000 staff from Barclays get the chance to take part in community fundraising and volunteering projects,” explains Barclays IT Manager and Project Team Leader, Leanne Dow. “Each team choose their own cause, but the aim is always to help out on a project which will make a real and lasting difference.”

    “We thought long and hard about what we could do to make our mark on St Stephens and came up with the idea of creating a reminiscence room for residents to relax in with family and friends,” she continues.  “So, armed with rolls of vintage-style wallpapers, antique furniture, a sewing machine and lots of lovely fabrics, we set about transforming an ordinary sitting room into a step back in time!”

    The results of the team’s hard work are truly amazing, delighting residents and staff alike: “The work the Barclays team have done for us is terrific and everyone at St Stephens is so thrilled with it,” says Home Manager, Cindy Southhall. “Residents now use the new room to sit with family and friends, listening to the radio or just having a cup of tea. As well as being a real talking point, all the old fashioned memorabilia is really comforting to residents, stirring fond memories of years gone by.”

  • Ella's Story

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    Ella tells us how Thorney Croft Day Care Centre in Stranraer made such a big difference to her life:

    “My name is Ella. I am 89 years old and I have attended Thorney Croft Day Care Centre for two years. When I first joined, I felt lonely and quite isolated because my family do not live locally. I remember my social worker Jane encouraged me to join, she said it would be good for me to mix with other people and that Thorney Croft had really helped lots of people she knew. I must admit, I was reluctant, I said to myself, “How will it help me?” and “I won’t know anyone”, but I eventually decided to give it a try.

    And now…well things have really changed! I do so much at Thorneycroft, I start the day doing some baking (and until I started day care I hadn’t baked in my life – who would believe I would start baking at my age!) and after that I do any number of great activities. We do it all – visits from local schools and entertainment, going for ice creams, musical exercises, quizzes to keep the brain active, gardening – and even just having a nice catch up over a cup of tea. 

    The staff are wonderful and encourage us to try new things. They’ve always got time for you and really include us in the running of the centre, I’ve even been involved in interviewing staff for the service, it makes me feel my opinion is valued.

    Sadly, I recently lost my son who lived in America. I was devastated but I can honestly say without the friendship and support from staff and my friends Helen and Margaret who I met at Day Care, I would not have got through it.

    Day care has really helped me cope with the challenges and changes in my life. I often think, how did I cope without it. It’s a great wee place, it changed my life.”

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