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Meet Jamie...

Jamie has been supported by our Vocational Support team for just over a year now and has recently completed a work placement right here at Community Integrated Care’s Support Services office in Widnes!

The original plan was for Jamie to join our organisation’s IT team for 2 hours, 1 day a week. However, he’s loved his time here so much, he’s been attending his placement 3 to 4 days per week!

Jamie’s impressive work rate has helped the IT department configure and deploy new PC’s for the whole of Support Services, and he’s contributed so much that the team have now cleared their backlog and are bringing work forward earlier than planned! Not only this, Jamie helped his team to win a special recognition, with the entire IT team picking up this month's Little Acorn honour!

Jamie hasn’t stopped learning on his placement and has enjoyed it so much that he’s now looking for an apprenticeship within an IT department. He's loved being part of our organisation’s IT team, finding them “really supportive and great to work with.”

Renata Davies, Service Leader for Vocational Support, says, “Finding a great placement, in the right environment, with the right people has been key to Jamie growing in confidence. Jamie started this placement unsure what he wanted to do beyond a vague admin role. He now knows that he wants to work in IT and is ready to start applying for work.” She continued, “It is amazing how quickly this has happened. Jamie will be an asset to any employer!”