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Community Integrated Care's nursing care homes provide specialist support to older people with complex and enduring health needs, including dementia. Our nursing care homes focus on promoting the health, happiness, wellbeing and independence of people we support, through delivering genuinely personalised care. 

Specialist Care

We are one of Britain’s biggest and most successful social care charities, and have supported older people for almost three decades. Our specialist nursing care homes have been recognised for their exceptional work at the likes of the National Care Awards, National Dementia Awards and the Independent Care Awards.

We’re committed to delivering truly person-centred nursing care. To achieve this, we focus on really getting to know the people we support – their life-story, what is important to them and their personal aspirations. Our teams are trained in a number of leading approaches which enable us to get to know the people we support well and promote the things that are important to them.

The People We Support Enjoy:

  • Their own spacious rooms, which they can furnish with their own items.
  • Support from specially trained staff, including named nurses, 24 hours a day.
  • Specialist furnishings, facilities and assistive technologies to maximise independence.
  • Freshly prepared, nutritionally balanced food every mealtime.
  • Communal facilities such as lounges, activity rooms and gardens, for relaxation and recreation.
  • No restriction on visiting hours
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An Active Life

All of our services deliver a varied programme of activities and events, built around the passions and interests of people we support. We build a clear picture of each person’s individual likes and interests, using tools such as One-Page Profiles – which review what is important to a person, how they want to be supported, and what people admire about them – and use this knowledge to involve people in the things that matter to them.

We also keep people connected with the people and places that are important to them in the local community. Our homes have thriving partnerships with local community groups and faith groups, and engage the support of local people. 

Family and Friends

We’re committed to involving the important people in the lives of the people we support, like their family and friends. Family members are welcome to share their ideas and suggestions, and get involved in our homes. We also host many celebration events that bring people we support and their family and friends together.  

End of Life Care

NHS Gold Standard - End of Life

At Community Integrated Care, our commitment to providing quality care extends to a persons end of life too. Our services follow the NHS Gold Standard for End of Life Care principals, and several have Commend or Beacon status.

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Community Integrated Care also provide Residential Care services for people with less intensive support needs

    Case Studies

    • Creating a Playlist for Life

      Read more

      We use the power of music to keep people we support connected with their treasured memories, and promote their health and wellbeing.

      The team at Carlingwark House, a specialist dementia care home that we oversee in Castle Douglas, have pioneered the use of Playlist for Life.

      This is a special music therapy that sees people who live with dementia enjoy person-centred playlists, made up of songs that represent the soundtrack of their life. This personally meaningful music enables people who live with dementia to reconnect with their treasured memories - helping to improve in their health, happiness and wellbeing.

      See the impact that Playlist for Life has had on people we support, in this special video with the creator of this therapy, Sally Magnusson.

    • Getting into the Olympics spirit!

      Read more

      Our care homes never miss an opportunity to host a celebration and offer fun activities. This was certainly the case at St Stephen’s Care Home, who hosted their own Rio 2016 Olympics themed week!

      Our activities team brought the party atmosphere of Rio de Janeiro to their home as they hosted a Mardi Gras event to mark the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The people we support enjoyed a week of music, cocktails, dance and games.

      See their week of activity and entertainment...

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