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Day Care Services for Older PeopleCommunity Integrated Care provides a number of specialist day services for older people and people living with dementia. These give members the opportunity to have fun and socialise with other people, and offer family carers a well-deserved break.

Our day care services support people with a range of needs, from older people who want more social experiences to people who require care and support.

We are one of Britain’s biggest and most successful health and social care charities. Our specialist care services for older people have been recognised at the likes of the National Care Awards, National Dementia Awards and 3rd Sector Care Awards.

Our day services

  • Provide stimulating activities, entertainment and companionship to people who are may otherwise be house-bound or socially isolated.
  • Teach members new skills and provide new experiences.
  • Aim to improve the overall independence and wellbeing of members.
  • Are delivered by staff who receive specialist training to ensure they have the skills to meet the needs of the people they support.

Our Approach

Day Care Services for Older PeopleWe strive for our day services to be fun and exciting places. We get to know our members really well – understanding the things that they enjoy, how they want to be supported and what is important to them – so we can offer support that fulfil the personal tastes and interests of people we support.

We focus on supporting people to retain their existing skills, and to gain new ones. We believe that you are never too old to enjoy something new or different. From arts and crafts to internet sessions, sports activities to local history reminiscence, our teams ensure that every member can get involved in something they enjoy.  

By providing a great range of activities and delivering truly person-centred support, our day care services promote the health, happiness, wellbeing and independence of people we support.

Accessing our services

Many of our services can provide transport to and from our services for people who are unable to make their own transport arrangements. Our Day Care Services typically are available from 9am until 5pm, Monday to Friday.

In some instances, we are able to provide a service in the evening and at weekends. 

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    Case Studies

    • Ella's Story

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      Ella tells us how Thorney Croft Day Care Centre in Stranraer made such a big difference to her life:

      “My name is Ella. I am 89 years old and I have attended Thorney Croft Day Care Centre for two years. When I first joined, I felt lonely and quite isolated because my family do not live locally. I remember my social worker Jane encouraged me to join, she said it would be good for me to mix with other people and that Thorney Croft had really helped lots of people she knew. I must admit, I was reluctant, I said to myself, “How will it help me?” and “I won’t know anyone”, but I eventually decided to give it a try.

      And now…well things have really changed! I do so much at Thorneycroft, I start the day doing some baking (and until I started day care I hadn’t baked in my life – who would believe I would start baking at my age!) and after that I do any number of great activities. We do it all – visits from local schools and entertainment, going for ice creams, musical exercises, quizzes to keep the brain active, gardening – and even just having a nice catch up over a cup of tea. 

      The staff are wonderful and encourage us to try new things. They’ve always got time for you and really include us in the running of the centre, I’ve even been involved in interviewing staff for the service, it makes me feel my opinion is valued.

      Sadly, I recently lost my son who lived in America. I was devastated but I can honestly say without the friendship and support from staff and my friends Helen and Margaret who I met at Day Care, I would not have got through it.

      Day care has really helped me cope with the challenges and changes in my life. I often think, how did I cope without it. It’s a great wee place, it changed my life.”

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