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Care Home in ManchesterEachStep Blackley is a pioneering, £5 million dementia care service, based in North Manchester, which offers specialist respite care, residential and nursing care. We are part of the award-winning national social care charity Community Integrated Care.

Our care home in Manchester has been recognised for its success at the likes of the National Dementia Awards, National Care Awards and 3rd Sector Care Awards.

With our highly trained staff, specialist facilities and philosophy of always supporting people to enjoy happy and fulfilled lives, we are able to support people who live with dementia each step of the way.

Person Centred Support

Our home features four residential and nursing households that each supports twelve people. These households have been purpose designed to promote the independence, safety and wellbeing of people with dementia, applying the latest innovation and research in dementia care, yet still feeling homely and welcoming.

  • EachStep is focussed on supporting people to stay independent for longer, enjoying happy and fulfilled lives.
  • We really get to know the people we support – their interests, life history, likes and dislikes, to offer each person a bespoke package of support.
  • Wherever possible, people will be supported by a consistent staff team. Not only does this help our staff to build strong relationships with the people they support, it gives people the consistency and familiarity that they need in their care.
  • Every person working for EachStep receives specialist dementia training so they understand the condition, its complexities and how best to support people with dementia.

Incredible Facilities

EachStep Blackley GymEachStep Blackley is a truly state-of-the-art care service. The people we support can enjoy:

  • Large communal living spaces, offering a range of facilities for leisure and activity including: comfortable, homely lounges, spacious kitchenettes, and balconies with a wonderful view of our gardens.
  • Roomy, en-suite bedroom, with flat-screen TV’s which have been specially designed to be comfortable and accessible to people with dementia. 
  • Large beautifully landscaped gardens, designed to give an amazing sensory experience to people with dementia.

We also have a number of a number of additional facilities that can be accessed by residents including a hair and beauty salon, gym, library and café.

EachStep Blackley host a monthly Dementia Cafe helping people affected by dementia reconnect with their memories. Football legends Lou Macari, former star of Manchester United, Celtic and Scotland, and Alex Williams MBE, former Manchester City goalkeeper, have held special remeniscence sessions.  


EachStep Blackley is within easy reach of local shops, supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, libraries and places of worship. We also enjoy excellent public transport links. 

    Case Studies

    • Meet Lee Forbes.. Care & Activity Worker

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      Lee began his career in care when he joined Eachstep Blackley in April 2014, with no previous experience in a care environment. In the short time since, Lee has shone, with naturally compassionate nature and ambition to care for and support people is clear.

      Lee began his career in care when he joined Eachstep Blackley in April 2014, with no previous experience in a care environment.  In the short time since, Lee has shone, with naturally compassionate nature and ambition to care for and support people is clear.

      Once Lee had demonstrated that he had all the values, morals and personal experience to give life-enhancing care – he then developed specialist knowledge of the condition, taking part in a wide range of training within the service. A naturally quiet person, Lee is incredibly sensitive to the needs of the people we support, and is able to relate to them and show true compassion. He has built trusting relationships with the people he cares for, which is of course a prerequisite for providing meaningful care.  

      One lady he supports in particular, Gladys, is quite the fan of Lee’s, and can often be heard asking where he is on a day off, and is never far away when he is on duty. If Gladys becomes upset, or distressed in any way, she doesn’t feel like she has to turn to ‘a member of staff’ or ‘a carer’, instead she can turn to a somebody who genuinely cares about her. The relationship he has built with her has contributed immensely to the level of support she receives, and in turn her wellbeing and happiness levels.

      Lee is a prime example of a person who proves that knowledge or experience isn’t necessarily an essential requirement for an amazing career in care, but being kind, considerate and patient is. I have observed Lee treating the people we support as individuals, respecting their own morals and values; likes and dislikes; life history and legacy in a way that truly defines the person-centred approach. 

    • Meet Christine - Care and Activity Worker...

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      Christine Cundall, Care and Activity Worker at EachStep, has been recognised as Britain’s best care home worker!

      Within two years of working for our charity, Chrstine Cundall was recognised as Britain’s best care home worker at The Great British Care Awards. Her amazing success show’s that great care always begins with caring people.

      When Christine applied for a job at EachStep Blackley, she had very little experience of working in care. She explains, “For many years I was the main carer for my mother, who lived with dementia. I felt passionately after this experience that supporting people with dementia was my vocation and that by working in care, I could give other people the same standard of support that I gave to my own mum.”

      As a Care and Activity Worker at EachStep Blackley, its Christine’s role to provide people with both the physical and emotional care that they need, and also support them to enjoy full and active lives too.

      She explains, “It’s not my job to do things for our residents, but to support them to do things for themselves – helping them to stay independent, happy and fulfilled. It’s a wonderful feeling to see the people we support continuing to do the things they love and getting involved in life in our service.”

      “We work hard to understand the lives of every person we support - the things that they enjoy and the things that bring them comfort, and we bring this to the fore in their support. It’s our responsibility to keep whatever has always been important to a person – their family and friends, their religion, their favourite football team, or hobbies like music and gardening – part of their lives. When you do this, you’re seeing the person not their dementia.”

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