Community Integrated Care's Reaction To The Queens Speech

Mark Adams, CEO of Community Integrated Care, says:

“Progressive reform and investment in social care is one of the most urgent priorities for society today. The Coronavirus pandemic has exposed both the strengths and vulnerabilities of the sector, and the public and sector are united in wanting to see social care at the heart of the government’s efforts to ‘build back better’.

It is hugely disappointing to see that social care has been largely ignored and overlooked in the Queen’s Speech. We hope that the government are committed to their promise that this will become a priority in the weeks and months ahead.

We need the government to recognise both the scale of the challenges faced by providers and the people who work in and rely on care, but also the significant opportunities that will come from progressive reform and investment. A strong and resilient social care sector is vital to the quality of life of millions of people and the strength of our communities. With proper investment in quality services and frontline pay, a greater focus on innovation and integration, and a clear strategy, our sector can not only make a greater impact but also play its part in the economic recovery of the nation.

Two years ago, on his first day in office, the Prime Minister committed to “Fixing the crisis in social care once and for all”. Too many bold promises have been made by past and present political leaders. This is now the time for action. We urge the Prime Minister to stay true to those words and be the person who once and for all delivers the reform that society so desperately needs.”

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